How to get Certificate of Non Criminal Conviction

For many foreigners who travel to China and spend some time time here, at some point after they leave China, they may need to provide a form showing that they were law abiding residents while in China. The demand for such a form comes up often. For instance, if a US resident spends 1 or 2 years in China, then returns to the US, and she applies for a Security Check Clearance (for instance, because her place of employment requires this check), then that US resident must get a form from the authorities here in China. In such cases, the US resident would need to contact the authorities here in China (either immigration or police authorities), to ask them to provide a form showing that she was in good legal standing during her stay in China. In China, this form showing legal standing is called: “No Criminal Convictions Certificate”.

However, for most foreigner who leave China, the task of getting this certificate / form is both difficult and impractical because they are not familiar the Chinese legal procedures for obtaining such forms, and also because they are not present in China to manage the process of getting this form. In such cases, the foreign citizen could contact our law firm to assist them in obtaining the form on behalf of her, from the appropinquate Chinese authorities.

If you a foreigner who spent a lengthy period of time in any city / province in China (for example, six months or above), and you need such a form, then read on to learn more about how we can help you in this matter.

To give you a snapshot of the process, first we would need to obtain some documents from you. Second, we would proceed to submit the document on your behalf to the concerned authorities in which ever city or province that you resided in while you were in China. Third, we would than follow up with the authorities until we receive the required certificates. And lastly, we would email and mail the forms or certificates to you.

Regarding the first step, you would need to send us the following documents:

1] A signed Power of Attorney form that we would send to you, and ask you to sign and email to us. It will authorize our firm to deal on your behalf with the Chinese authorities.
2] A photocopy of each page in your passport
2] A photocopy of each page of your Visa Entry to China (if not already included in your passport)
3] A letter written by you explaining the nature of your stay in China. You could explain why you were in China (probably for work or school.), where you worked/ studied, and how long you stayed, among any other details you feel are relevant.
4] A Certification / Letter / or Contract that you received from your employer or school in China, documenting your status in the city and your relationship to the establishment.
5] A completed Bank Transfer Transaction to the Bank of our firm, to pay us for the cost of the service.

You could either email these documents to us, or send them by mail. We would then proceed to acquire the necessary documents, and send them to you as soon as we retrieve them.

The processing time frame for the Authorities to provide the form is 2-3 weeks; that time excludes the time it would take for you to ship the documents to us, and for us to ship them to you.

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