Who We Are

We are Chinese lawyers, skilled and experienced in handling foreign-related legal affairs in China.

We have a high quality team of attorneys who understand Chinese and foreign cultures and legal systems.

We are engaging in providing a wide, integrate legal solved plan including but not limited:

  • Foreign Investment
  • M&A and Corporate Restructure
  • Corporate Affaires
  • International Trade
  • Real Estate
  • Finance and Banking
  • Intellectual Property
  • Divorce Law
  • Litigation and Arbitration


Mr. Jenhor Zhao has  extensive  experience of foreign-related legal services in litigation or arbitration and no-litigation.
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Why Choose US

Choose us, choose professional and efficient legal services


With deep practical experience, and can provide specialized solutions according to the different needs.

Optimize the transaction process to make your transaction more efficient and faster.

Customer satisfaction  and constantly improve the quality of service, so you more peace of mind.

Our Law Firm

Comprehensive excellent law firm

Law firm Honor

  • Law firm Award for Excellence in Commercial Law.
  • Legal 500 Award of the year.
  • Corporate INTL China Law firm of the year.
  • Chambers “Asian Company / Commercial leading / first Class” Law firm.
  • The first “Top Ten” Law firm in Shanghai.
  • Asian Law Magazine ALB China Top 30 Law firms.
  • Top 100 Chinese Elite lawyers, a commercial law magazine.
  • Word-of-mouth Award for the most Beautiful 50 selection activities in Shanghai Stock Exchange.
  • Director of Shanghai Internet Finance Industry Association.
  • Excellent chain Service provider of Shanghai chain Management Association.
  • Shanghai Equity Trusteeship Trading Center “completes the listing of the largest number of law firms”
  • Shanghai Top Ten Real Estate Law firm.
  • Best team of Private Equity, Investment and financing Financial lawyers of the year.
  • The best legal service institution for overseas listing in Shanghai