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Legal Services Center for Foreigner(s)in China is initially established by lawyer zhao jiangao. The center aims to provide legal support for the legitimate rights and interests of foreigners in Chinese, such as investment, life, tourism etc. Our services include but not limited to:

一、商务与投资顾问 为外国友人在华设立、投资企业或者在华企业提供投资、融资、并购、日常法律顾问等服务。
Business and investment,help foreigners to set up enterprises in China, to provide investment, financing, mergers and acquisitions, daily legal advisory services. If you want to set up enterprise in China,

二、私人法律顾问 即担任外国友人的私人律师,为其处理在华发生的一切法律事务,如投资、保险、不动产买卖、房屋租赁等具体事务。
Legal adviser services,help foreign friends resolve private legal affairs occurred in China, such as investment, insurance, property sale, rental housing and other specific matters.

Business survey special services using the rich customer resources, to help customers to expand their business, to carry out business survey, issued a survey report and legal advice.

四、涉外婚姻家庭法律服务 为客户提供涉外婚姻、继承等婚姻家庭法律服务,可以为你迅速解决婚姻、子女抚养、财产分割等婚姻家庭方面的法律服务。并提供婚前、婚后财产律师见证、遗嘱律师见证法律服务。
Foreign marriage and family law services
To provide foreign marriage, inheritance, marriage and family law service, you can quickly solve the legal service of marriage, parenting, the division of property and other aspects of marriage and family. How to divorce in China?

Legal service for labor and employment
Services include but not limited to: labor dispute consultation, collective bargaining, labor contract and labor contract design and modification, security protocol design and modification, labor arbitration, litigation and other legal services.

六、代理各种案件的诉讼、仲裁 对你日常生活、工作中发生的任何侵犯你合法权益的纠纷,指派有专业技能、经验丰富的律师,提供全方位、多层次、专业化、多渠道专业服务。
Litigation or Arbitration
When your legitimate rights and interests have been infringed, we will as your representative to resolve all kinds of disputes in courts or arbitration institutions. We have professional skills, rich litigation experience to provide professional services.

七、刑事辩护服务 对在华外国人提供刑事辩护法律服务,内容包括:为侦查阶段的犯罪嫌疑人提供法律帮助;为审查起诉阶段的犯罪嫌疑人、审判阶段的被告人、上诉人担任辩护人以及代理当事人进行刑事案件申诉和其他与刑事有关的法律咨询等法律服务。
Criminal defense
To provide legal support for the investigation of criminal suspects; for the stage of review and prosecution of criminal suspects, defendants trial stage, the appellant as a defender and agent the criminal complaint and other related criminal law consultation legal services.

八、办理房地产法律服务 专门为外国人在中国买房、租房提供法律帮助,在您签订买房或者租房合同、办理贷款或者交房手续、申请产权证书等相关事项时,可以随时提供贴身的法律服务,如我们的“律师陪购”业务,可以为你买房提供全程法律服务。
Real estate legal services
Help foreigners to buy a house or rent house, apply for property certificate and other related matters, We provide full legal services for you to buy a house.

Other legal matters

When you have any legal issues in China, in order to make your rights better maintenance, please contact us, we will provide you with the best quality service.

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