Application for Arbitration

When applying for arbitration, the Claimant shall submit to the CIETAC Secretariat at the Beijing headquarters or the Sub-Commissions an arbitration agreement, a Request for Arbitration in writing, and the facts and evidence on which its claim is based. In addition, the arbitration fee shall be paid by the Claimant in advance to the CIETAC according to the CIETAC Arbitration Fee Schedule.

The arbitral proceedings shall commence on the date on which the CIETAC or one of its Sub-Commissions receives a Request for Arbitration.

The Request for Arbitration shall specify the following:

the names and addresses of the Claimant and the Respondent, including the zip code, telephone, telex, fax and telegraph numbers, email addresses or any other means of electronic telecommunications;

 a reference to the arbitration agreement invoked;
 a statement of the facts of the case and the main issues in dispute;
 the claim of the Claimant; and
 the facts and grounds on which the claim is based.

The Request for Arbitration shall be signed and/or stamped by the Claimant and/or the attorney authorized by the Claimant.

After applying for arbitration, the Claimant may request to amend its arbitration claim. The arbitral tribunal may refuse such a request for amendment, however, if it considers that it is too late to raise the request and the amendment may delay the arbitration proceedings.