How to Get Ready for Your Divorce in China

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Divorce for expat in China can be daunting especially your spouse is Chinese. You might not even know where to begin when you are contemplating divorce. There is a lot to think about and it is easy to get overwhelmed and emotional given the seriousness of this life change. If you are contemplating divorce or fear that one is imminent, it is a good idea to prepare yourself.

Preparing Financially
It is difficult to prepare for divorce financially. Dividing one household into two is never seamless. Some things you can do to protect yourself financially during your divorce include:
•Keep your bank accounts and credit cards properly;
•Keep your property certificate safe;
•Make sure your assets are safe (if you fear that your spouse will try to cash out any assets, set it up so that both parties must sign to do so).

Preparing Emotionally
You may need to find another adult or an attorney to confide in if you are dealing with divorce. You might not realize all the feelings divorce will bring up, but they are bound to lurk underneath all the tension divorce brings. There is a lot of disappointment and anger often associated with divorce. You can consult with an attorney who will ease your emotional pressure and disorder.

Preparing Your Children for Divorce
It is hard to talk with children about divorce and other serious matters, but they will handle the changes better if you discuss the reality with them and allow them a chance to express feelings about it. They will have feelings and some are bound to come up over time. It is best not to put children in the middle, though that sometimes does happen. If your child is a baby, you should make sure he/she will not be taken away, which Chinese authority will not regard as breaking law. The authority will regard it as family issue and will not help your child back.

Getting Legal Advice
In any divorce, the assistance of a lawyer can be exceedingly helpful. An attorney can advise you on spousal support, child support and child custody issues. You will be more confident and secure handling your divorce with an attorney as your guide. An attorney will make the process much easier, allowing you to just show up and not have to do all the filing and paperwork on your own.. Of course, if you determine to hire a lawyer, you should be confident in your lawyer. With the consultation of your lawyer, you can cooperate with the lawyer to go through this life’s difficulty.