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How to compensate for breach of contract

In accordance with the provisions of the Chinese contract Law, how to contract Party B breach of contract, the other party may investigate the breaching party’s liability for breach of contract, the specific liability for breach of contract is as follows:

Specific Performance: If your desire is to have the party who breached the contract make good on the contract, for example complete a contracted service or sale, you may want to sue for damages provided under specific performance.

Compensatory Damages: Suing for compensatory damages may be appropriate when you, the injured party, have suffered financial losses due to the breach of contract.

Punitive Damages: Punitive damages are designed to punish the wrong party in a breach of contract case. The amount of money awarded is not equal to the amount lost as a direct result of the contract breach.

Liquidated Damages: The party that breaches the contract may be forced to pay liquidated damages. Damages of this type are included within the wording of the contract. They are put there to discourage either party from breaking the agreement.

Consequential Damages: Consequential damages may be awarded to a party under breach of contract law if they have suffered damages due to an indirect break of the contract agreed upon and signed by the two parties.

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