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I, ________________________________ Secretary of ________________________________, a corporation organized under the laws of the Country of _______________________________________________ (the “Corporation”), do hereby certify that at a meeting of the Board of Directors of the said Corporation, held in accordance with its charter and by-laws on the date at which a quorum was at all times present and acting, the attached resolutions were duly adopted, that said resolutions have not been amended, rescinded or revoked, and are in no way in conflict with any of the provisions of the charter or by-laws of said Corporation.
我, ____________________________________________公司之公司秘书本公司为根据____________________国法律成立的一家公司.本公司特此证明本公司董事会已于本决议所载之日根据公司章程及公司规则召开董事会议.出席会议的董事自始至终符合法定人数.会议通过以下所附各项决议.该各项决议自从通过后未被修改,终止或撤销,并且与公司章程及公司规则并无任何冲突之处.


(1) Resolved that Name _______________________________ Title ________________________
本公司特此决议 姓名 职务

Name _______________________________ Title ________________________
姓名 职务

Each of them or such other person as this corporation may designate from time to time either in writing or by their apparent authority be and hereby are authorized to trade in OTCFX account for risk of this Corporation through and with FXCM ASIA, as said Corporation is now constituted or may be hereafter constituted, the authority hereby granted including the power to do any of the following:
(a) To open an account with FXCM ASIA for the purpose of FXCM ASIA ‘s carrying, clearing, and settling all securities transactions undertaken by the Corporation;
(b) To buy and sell foreign currency positions for present delivery, on margin or otherwise, the power to sell including the power to sell “short”;
(c) To deposit with and withdraw from said firm money, currencies, contracts, for the purchase or sale of Currencies, securities and other property;
(d) To receive requests and demands for additional margin, notices of intention to sell or purchase and other notices and demands of whatever character;
(e) To receive and confirm the correctness of notices, confirmations, requests, demands and confirmations of every kind;
(f) To place oral orders with any authorized representative of FXCM ASIA for the execution of securities transactions on behalf of the Corporation on any marketplace FXCM ASIA is permitted to effect transaction on;
(g) To pay FXCM ASIA all fees, commissions and mark ups or downs incurred in connection with any such transactions and all amounts as may be requested by FXCM ASIA formative to time as margin or equity for the Corporation’s account;
(h) To settle, compromise, adjust and give releases on behalf of this Corporation with respect to any and all claims, disputes and controversies;
(i) To otherwise perform all terms and provisions of the above mentioned Agreements, and to take any other action relating to any of the foregoing matter;

(a) 于福汇亚洲开立账户,以便福汇亚洲执行本公司所有证券交易并进行有关的清算及交割;
(b) 进行外汇现汇,保证金或其它交易,售出外汇的权力包括卖空;
(c) 向本公司账户存入或从本公司账户提取货币,现钞,合约以用于买卖现钞,证券或其它财产;
(d) 收取请求或要求支付额外保证金通知,买卖意图通知或任何其它性质的通知或要求.
(e) 收取并确认各类通知,确认书,请求要求及各种确认书的更正;
(f) 向福汇亚洲的任何授权代表人发出口头指令,以便于后者在福汇亚洲有权进行交易的任何市场代表本公司进行证券交易;
(g) 向福汇亚洲支付与此类交易有关的所有费用,佣金,溢价和折价,以及福汇亚洲不时要求的与本公司账户有关的保证金或其它款项;
(h) 就任何和所有请求,纠纷及冲突代表本公司进行解决,达成和解,调停或给予对方豁免.
(i) 以其它方式履行上述所指协议的所有条款或条件,并就前述事项采取任何其它行动.

(2) Let it be further resolved that it is in the best interest of the corporation to have its account(s) for the purchase and/or sale of foreign currencies cleared and carried by FXCM ASIA and for FXCM ASIA to arrange for the execution of foreign currencies transactions which are not executed by the Corporation directly;
(2) 本公司进一步决议为外汇买卖之目的,由福汇亚洲为本公司进行账户的交割和维持并由福汇为不由本公司直接执行的外汇交易作出交易安排是符合本公司最大利益的.

(3) Resolve that FXCM ASIA may deal with any and all of the persons directly or indirectly by the foregoing resolution empowered, as though they were dealing with the Corporation directly, and that in the event of any change in the office or powers or persons hereby empowered, the Secretary shall certify such change to FXCM ASIA. in writing in the manner herein above provided, which notification, when received, shall be adequate both to terminate the powers of the persons theretofore authorized, and to empower the persons substituted;
(3) 本公司决议, 福汇亚洲可以直接或间接与本决议书授权的任何及所有人士进行交易,此等交易视同福汇亚洲同本公司的交易.本决议书授权之人士的职务,权力或身份如有任何变更,公司秘书应以本决议前文提供的方式书面将变更情况向福汇亚洲确认.该书面通知一经接收即作为对前一任被授权人权力的终止,及所继任人的授权.

(4) Further Resolved, that in order to induce FXCM ASIA to act as Agent on behalf of the Corporation, the execution and delivery of an Account Application, Client Account Letter, Client Agreement, Risk Disclosure Statement, and other documents appropriate to induce FXCM ASIA to act as Agent, (copies of which have been presented to this meeting and will be filed with the records of the Corporation) by any officer of the Corporation are hereby authorized; and the officers of the Corporation are hereby directed to execute such Agreements by and on behalf of the corporation and to deliver the same to FXCM ASIA;
(4) 本公司进一步决议,为方便福汇亚洲担任本公司的代理人,特此授权本公司任何主管签署送达开户表,客户账户函,客户协议,风险披露声明,及其它能够使得福汇亚洲成为本公司代理人的文件(上述文件的副本已经提交本董事会议并将于本公司备案); 本公司特此要求所属主管代表本公司签署上述协议并将同一文件送达福汇亚洲.

(5) Further Resolved, that the foregoing resolutions and the certificate actually furnished to FXCM ASIA by the Secretary/Assistant Secretary of the corporation pursuant thereto, be and they hereby are made irrevocable until written notice of the revocation thereof shall have been received by FXCM ASIA.
(5) 本公司进一步决议,除非福汇亚洲收到书面撤销通知,前述决议及根据前述决议由本公司秘书/助理秘书向福汇亚洲实际送达的确认,不得撤销;

(6) Further Resolved, that the Corporation agrees to indemnify and hold harmless FXCM ASIA and its associates from any and all loss, damage or liability incurred because of any of the representations or warranties made above shall not be true and correct or any of the agreements entered into between the corporation and FXCM ASIA shall not have been fully performed by the Corporation;
(6) 本公司进一步决议,如本公司于前述所作出的任何声明或保证不真实或不准确,或本公司未全面履行由本公司和福汇亚洲所订立的协议,而给福汇亚洲及其关联人招致任何损失,损害或责任的,本公司同意向福汇亚洲及其关联人作出赔偿,以使其不受损害.

(7) Further Resolved, that the Secretary of the Corporation be and hereby is authorized and directed to present a certified copy of these resolutions, together with a certification as to the incumbency of certain officers to FXCM ASIA and that the authority hereby given to the Agents (including the persons named as officers in such certification until such time as FXCM ASIA receives written notification that such persons are no longer such officers) shall continue in full force and effect (irrespective of whether any of them ceases to be officers or employees of the Corporation) until notice of revocation or modification is given in writing to FXCM ASIA or its successors or assigns.
(7) 本公司进一步决议,特此授权并命令本公司秘书将经认证的本决议副本,连同各主管职务证明呈交福汇亚洲.本决议向各代理人(包括职务证明所指定的作为本公司主管的人,除非福汇亚洲收到关于上述人士不再担任本公司主管的书面通知)的授权在撤销或变更通知被送达福汇亚洲或其承继人或受让人之前全部有效(不论上述主管是否已不再担任本公司的主管或雇员).

I further certify that the foregoing resolutions have not been modified or rescinded and are now in full force and effect and that the Corporation has the power under its Charter and by-laws and applicable laws to take the action set forth in and contemplated by the foregoing resolutions.
本人进一步证明前述决议未被修改或撤销,全部有效;本公司依据其公司章程,公司规则及适用法, 有权采取前述协议中既定的行动.
I do further certify that each of the following has been duly elected and is now legally holding the office set opposite his/her signature.
Signature of President总裁签名
Signature of Vice-President副总裁签名
Signature of Secretary公司秘书签名
Signature of Treasurer财务主管签名
In witness whereof, I have hereunto affixed my hand this _______ day of_____, 20_____

Signature of Secretary公司秘书签名
Print Name (English and Chinese) 姓名(中英文) Date日期

Corporate Seal公司印章

(Please affix corporate seal here) (请盖公司印章于此处)

In consideration of the opening of a corporate account for ______________________________________, a corporation in the State of _______________________, FXCM ASIA must have a personal guarantee in order to enter into Client Agreement with Client. For this account the undersigned agrees to jointly and severally guarantee personally the prompt, full and complete performance of any and all of the duties and obligations of this Client’s account and the payment of any and all damages, costs and expenses, which may become recoverable by FXCM ASIA from Client.

This guarantee shall remain in full force and effect until the termination of Client Agreement, provided that the undersigned shall not be released from their obligations so long as the account and any obligations the account has with FXCM ASIA lasts.

Personal Guarantee Acknowledgment个人担保确认

This guarantee shall inure to the benefit of FXCM ASIA, its successors & assigns, and shall be binding on the undersigned and their heirs.

This assigns签名:
as Guarantor, Individually个人担保人 ________________________________ Date日期 ____________________